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Cellular Ignition hard copy

Cellular Ignition hard copy

Cellular Ignition Publisher's Description

The information in these courses exists to reach those who question beyond the obvious. According to this breakthrough data, a Plan was begun possibly as far back as 50,000,000+ years ago. This module completes a knowledge base that the Living Ascension Portal Masters have never made available before, other than at the end of previous Ages - for the reason that that is the time when the ?deception` comes online at its strongest. It is made available now for those 'spiritual practitioners' who wish to intelligently understand the bigger picture behind the need for Liberation from the Wheel - a 'Wheel' which has a destiny that 'crucifies the Eternal Christ'. The Illuminati has an easily identifiable physical location within this galaxy, and knows how to tamper with a living energy system. A living energy system is where the hologram of reality takes place, and that hologram has an energy structure. It is that structure which was altered and trapped on the Wheel of Rebirth. Has recognizing the 'Deception' been the 'spiritual test' all along? The Lords of Time who now govern our reality say yes, and they happily use it to their advantage knowing that almost everyone will miss the incredibly clever reason why. The ancient Essenes and their forefather ?Star Travelers` taught and passed on the secret Way for the soul to escape the fallen destiny.

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